Mary Kay TimeWise® Night Solution

TimeWise® Night Solution

A unique delivery system of encapsulated vitamins and antioxidants that help fade away deep lines and wrinkles. Nutribeads® microcapsules are vitamin-packed. Rest assured your skin is being revitalised while you sleep.  


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A unique delivery system of Nutribeads® microcapsules contain highly effective antioxidants essential for skin's renewal process.
•Suitable for sensitive skin.
•Clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy.
•Oil- and fragrance-fee. Hypoallergenic.
•Non-comedogenic (will not clog pores).

Sensitive for sensitive skin

As part of your regular evening regime, apply Night Solution prior to moisturising

Vitamin-rich Nutribeads® microcapsules in the TimeWise® Night Solution burst as you dispense the serum to deliver fresh, highly effective antioxidants (in the form of derivatives of vitamins E, A, and C) that are essential for the renewal process.
Contains age-fighting peptides to help reduce the appearance of expression lines and visibly firm and smooth skin.